a little "spic" or "beaner"
damn look how many spickets that beaners got
by Burnette July 30, 2006
Top Definition
Used in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to refer to a faucet. In some regions of Pittsburgh, a spicket is strictly on the outside of a house; in others, it can refer to any faucet, including the one at the kitchen sink.
This spicket don't work no more, because the pipes froze n'at.
by anonymouspittsburgher January 22, 2010
A person of hispanic origin who is using water in any manner
Mike: Jared look at Mario watering those flowers.
Jared: What a spicket.
by M to the H dawg January 28, 2010
A sexual practice involving eels and anal cavities.
"Dude, that chick an me did some weird shit, yo? She even gave me a spicket!"
by Johnny C April 17, 2005
A rapid firing firearm, which dispersses death at an insanely quick rate with no apprehension as to women children or babies
"you hit his ass with the spas-12, that shits not even a bucket, its a god damn spicket
by matt June 20, 2003
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