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A style applicable to the south of england. Usually a camp but hetrosexual and very un original dress sense and way of life
In particular men,wearing TIGHT
t-shirts, or pointless t-shirts.
tight ripped jeans, a diamond in the year and overall feminie aura.
They will also spend hours on their highlighted hair and tend to be excessively cheesey.
Spice is not nice!
by shugadoubledizzle June 06, 2005
Nondescriptive, all-encompassing drug found in the Star Wars universe. It is believed to be a dusky red, fine-grained substance.
"Bitch, you best get out the way before my Spice kicks in and I break my foot off in your ass."
by Divisionbear May 07, 2009
the mixture of weed and tobacco chopped in a spice cup(shot glass) then put into a bong and loaded.
lets go spice out brains out!



i'm so fucking spiced right now!!!
by spicemaster44 April 21, 2009
(n. or adj.) Awesome in every conceivable way.
Barry White is the spice.


Wow, that girl is spice.
by Spicelito August 02, 2005
another way to say spic, yet at the same time, attempt to hide your racism or pretend that you are not racist. similar to the word naggle.
mexico city, with a population of about 10 million, is spice world.
by chuck February 01, 2005
the petname for the outrageously hot and sexy, veganly inclined and sexily tattooed boyfriend(and former virtual boyfriend) of one mr. christopher lorenzen
i cant wait to drive to california and crawl into bed with my spice...
by christopher lorenzen December 28, 2004
a very educational channel on cable.
bf "I learned something new on the Spice channel."
gf "really show me..."
by mr. filler July 15, 2004