1. A channel on cable TV where people engage in sexual intercourse in full frontal nudity on camera.
2. A chemical, usually powdered, that is used to mask bad cooking. If the cooking is good, it can make it godly with a lowercase g.
3. Plural of spouse. Word should only be used by cycle-accurate Mormons, naked natives in the rain-forest, and Abrahamic peoples before the days they tuned out God and went with only one spouse.
1. On the Spice channel there's Amazon natives smearing themselves in moist soil and having outdoor sex.
2. Cortez's overcooked toughened heart did not taste too good to the Aztec priest, so he reached for the spice.
3. We can have a spouse of the same sex, so why not spice?
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter November 23, 2007

Multiple marriage partners; husbands and/or wives.
My spice (Aaron and Erica) keep making out. But that's Ok because I have totally done them both like infinity times.
by Mr. Very December 03, 2004
to spice;

to fuck.

also, to make passionate love to, with great feeling.
"Just spice me and get it over with!"

"I want you to spice me, love."
by rubiesinblood September 07, 2004
A synthetic marijuana that was legal until March 2011. Unfortunately, those jokers at the DEA caught on and banned the main stuff that's in it, so its not legal any more. K2 can have the same ingredients as spice, so its probably banned too.
I'm going to go smoke me some spice.
by free-to-beeee May 05, 2011
A hot guy, a sexy guy, or a cute guy, can be called, "spice.," or, "spicey," when referring to their outer appearance.
"Oh, look at that spicey guy over there!"

Translation... "Oh, look at that hot guy over there!"

Can also be used when referring to girls.
by ms92princess March 04, 2010
Verb, meaning to take a nasty shit
"I don't know how you felt after eating all those buffalo wings the other night, John, but I woke up in the morning and took a wicked spice"
by Sweet Nicolas January 22, 2008
A style applicable to the south of england. Usually a camp but hetrosexual and very un original dress sense and way of life
In particular men,wearing TIGHT
t-shirts, or pointless t-shirts.
tight ripped jeans, a diamond in the year and overall feminie aura.
They will also spend hours on their highlighted hair and tend to be excessively cheesey.
Spice is not nice!
by shugadoubledizzle June 06, 2005

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