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a type of person who performs sexual favors for older women or men
damn that guy is such a spice melon, he just had sex with that grandmother!
by john121313 September 12, 2008
what fred from youtubes mother calls him when she returns from rehab.
oh fred, your such a spice melon!
by sabrina41992 September 22, 2008
Fred's Mom calls him Spice Melon after she comes back from rehab.
"Come here Fred, my little spice melon!"
by SchuylerBlueBlood September 18, 2008
Spice melon is a dessert. It is melon balls with a spiced sauce poured over them.
Mmm...I just love your spicey balls. Look at her melons! That dude's got some big hunkin' spice melons.
by Ira Q. Nid September 22, 2009
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