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A child that you (your wife or girlfriend actually!) didn't really want to have.
I personally download Ipad game apps every time one's offered as the "Free App of the Day", because they are very good learning tools for young kids. Whether I'm watching over a relative, or taking care of my own spermmistakes, I'll at least have something better than flash cards and repeating "Ball" 500 times while the child would rather make spider webs with his own slobber.
by Telephony September 09, 2013
A spermmistake occurs when your wife experiences an unwanted pregnancy, courtesy of your not bothering to put a fucking rubber on your schlong before having hot sex.
Regarding the kid that killed an Aussie tourist, various surgical procedures with rusty tools and no anesthesia would be fitting punishment for that spermmistake!

Pokèmon is one of the main things that destroyed the last generation. A kid with ADD or ADHD who LOVED the Japlantisneese art silliness could financially ruin their parents on 'shopping day', or when the li'l spermmistakes got their stinkin' allowance and spent the entire day at the card shop so that they could blow it all on those asinine Pokèmon trading cards.
by Telephony August 31, 2013

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