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A man who impregnates a woman other than his wife and proceeds to hide this fact for years.
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sperminator 2 Judgment Day
by A1988 May 18, 2011
Top Definition
A hulking, monstrosity of a male, swelled to intense proportions by his massive ego and genital package. His sole purpose is to appropriate your girlfriend and stick his dick in the "mashed potatoes". All this is concluded with a massive outpouring (a true 'gentleman's finish!) of man milk. Looks puerto rican, is generally unpleasant and should be shot on sight, or sodomized with a bandsaw.
We had a rough nite at the bar, I go for a piss and when I come back here's this 7foot high walking hardon with his mitts all over my girls tits. After receiving a severe beating on his behalf, the last thing I remember is that sperminator walkin out, gettin half-blown by my girl.
A man who fathers several childern with several different baby mamas and takes care of none of his offspring. The master of "hit it and quit it." His powerful sperm leaves a trail of destruction, unpaid child support, and fatherless children in its wake. Beware the sperminator... woe to unfertilized eggs in his path!
My ex is a total sperminator! he has 5 kids by 3 different women!
by amylou5276 June 22, 2010
One who is an utter nuisance, spontaneously combusts at the mention of anything he/she disagrees with, ruins the lives of others and truly believes that he/she is superior to all mankind. Sperminators are awful people if by chance you encounter one run away chanting loudly "you're an awful singer".
Ex. 1
Guy 1-The Sperminator is a serious asshole!
Guy 2-Yeah dude

Ex. 2

Guy 1-Burn your clothes and take a bath in bleach
by made in the usa January 07, 2012
Slang term describing Arnold Schwarzenegger - after producing a "love child" while married to Maria Schriver.
Now that the "news" is out about Arnold's affair and child....just have to rename the dude - THE SPERMINATOR
by FLNICEGAL May 17, 2011
1.A slut
2.A woman who feasts on sperm
3.A woman who likes sex alot
That whore must be a real sperminator
by Anthony October 14, 2003
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