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Jap' Spen

Spencer is well known in the Hentai community for giving his comments on nearly all of the pieces at

Although he doesn't see himself as gay he is obsessed with big dicks and male hentai pictures.
hey err lolol im spen!
by Ash June 23, 2004
Pikie , Gypsy , Traveller
Someone who lives in a caravan and steals things. Always lets you know they are a Traveller, and are usually inbred.
by 2 toe'd dave starman October 29, 2003
1- A person that acts scared all the time.
2- A person that is scared to do things.
3- Acts like a bitch.
You a spen because you scared to make fun of that boy over there.
by Vince February 19, 2003
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