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To navigate or explore the subterranean landscape of the human rectum or booty, typically with the aid of headlamps, crampons, and helmets.

When successfully exploring without the use need for lubrication, this activity is known as spelokadamning.

In the event that the regions in question have not yet been traversed, one might say said environment was spelonkadank.

A subset of spelondadonking, known as spelonkahonkeydonking, is acted upon a Caucasian subject.

May also be used as a noun. See examples.
We have a lovely evening planned: a concert at the amphitheater, picnic at the reservoir with a bottle of wine, and if it all goes well, some spelonkadonking.

Shit, it's Friday night. I'm about to get my spelonkadonk on.
by h3extraextra March 07, 2014
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