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The cross between Spiders and Sheep. They are deadly because they look so damn innocent and docile. An eight legged fanged sheep capable of scaling buildings. They are engineered in New Zealand by the company Beauville Industries.
"The Speep are loose? I hope you have made your peace with Jesus!"
by Bluv-arich-ski-derson December 31, 2007
Speeping is spooning in your sleep.
Shall we spoon until we fall asleep? Yes, lets speep!
by hello19881988 January 25, 2011
A fat cat who I adore. Has no life and loves to sleep and eat. Blub.
"Whoa. Speeps gained 25 more pounds."
by Sophie Travolta March 15, 2005
A speep, more commonly known as the "male queef," refers to the expulsion of a small amount of air from the urethra, exiting the meatus or "penis hole".
The term is derived from the distinct, yet faint sound made when one "speeps".

"Stop acting like a little speep."

also may be used as adjective:

"eddie is looking especially speepy today, don't you agree?"
by chris speepmaster August 05, 2008
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