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speedwaddle, verb; An obese person's attempt to propel themself by shifting thier weight from side to side and leaning forward without concern for persons or property in thier path.
I was nearly bulldozed when some gargantuan 500 pounder decided to speedwaddle through me to get to the cookies in Wal-Mart!
by Kowulz May 09, 2007
Occurs when an obese individual attempts to cover ground quikly on foot.
Phil- "Hey man, if we hurry we could get to the front of the McDonalds' line before it opens!"

Darby- "I dont think so. It looks like Percy tried to Speed Waddle in first."
by pee-more March 28, 2010
It applies to pregnant women who can walk perfectly normally at a comfortably slow pace ... but once her steps quicken, a definite waddle emerges.
Susan is 23 weeks pregnant, and she got quite a speed waddle up while rushing around today, she was the laughing stock of the office.
by RealMama March 30, 2011
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