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dick and a half, noun: A detestable megalomaniac whose character flaws and negative impact are blatantly obvious and unavoidable. Often preceded by "fucking" for added emphasis.
Mike is a fucking dick and a half! He ruined the afternoon for everyone by trying to be a control freak and playing God!
by Kowulz April 03, 2007
speedwaddle, verb; An obese person's attempt to propel themself by shifting thier weight from side to side and leaning forward without concern for persons or property in thier path.
I was nearly bulldozed when some gargantuan 500 pounder decided to speedwaddle through me to get to the cookies in Wal-Mart!
by Kowulz May 09, 2007
speedwaddler, noun;

1) One who speedwaddles

2) A person of enormous girth and energy who achieves foraward momentum by shifting their bulk from side to side and leaning forward, much to the chagrin of anyone or anything in thier path
Turn a speedwaddler loose in an all-you-can-eat buffet and they become a WMD. No one is safe!
by Kowulz May 09, 2007
Rolling Fart, noun, a long, loud, drawn out fart that often gets away from the farter.
I thought I could squeeze out an SBD at Jimbo's funeral, but it turned into a gianormous rolling fart!
by Kowulz November 16, 2007
butt music, noun: Audible gastro-intestinal disturbances, not neccessarily of a melodious or harmonious nature.
Rock's butt music scared the children, upset the guests, and rattled the windows!
by Kowulz March 30, 2007
FIIKLFO, acronym, Fuck If I know, let's find out!
"Hey, Man! Does getting your septum pierced with a 10 gauge hurt?"

by Kowulz June 21, 2007
IOUDAB;(eee-YO-dub) Acronym: Inside Out, Upside Down, and Backwards;

1)A point of escalation between SNAFU and FUBAR

2)Having your asshole where your face should be
The country was IOUDAB after the Liberals took office. God fucking help us.
by Kowulz July 01, 2007

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