A: Someone who has an unnatural penchant for wearing Speedo style swimming trunks. Usually resulting in them looking rather dodgy.

B: Someone with a large collection of Speedo style swimming trunks.

Guy1: See that guy over there?
Guy2: The one with the handlebar mustache and the supertight Speedo?
Guy1: Ya! Creeepy!
Guy2: Damn, he looks like a Speedophile!


Guy1: Damn! That creep has a different color Speedo for each day of the week!
Guy2: Damn speedophile!
by CapTim March 07, 2008
Top Definition
Creepy old guys who hang around in super tight swimming trunks.
You'll find loads of wrinkly old German speedophiles in European holday camps.
by ped333 August 05, 2010
Anyone who, without proof, automaticaly thinks they are better than anyone else, and can ignore speed limits, as they dont apply to them.....
Speedophile's are ususaly found crowded round the works kettle boasting about shaving a few seconds off their daily work comute, or how they managed to take a corner on two wheels....
Speedophile is a Petrol-Head who's ONLY concern is "How Fast It Goes"............They see points as prizes, and have usualy got more than one speeding conviction, but see it as an injustice, rather than a warning they are going too fast.
Thie last resting place is usualy wrapped round a tree.
There last words are usualy "Where the fuck did that come from?"
In fact, they probably use that phrase quite often.
There is a skill in driving fast, as Trained racing drivers know, but anyone can drive TOO fast... these idiots dont know the difference... they are dangerous.
Jim is a speedophile.
He only bought the latest model of that car because its 0 to 60 times are .25 seconds gaster than the last.
You can bet he will try to find out how true the figures are.
by Bwian Silver Dragon November 10, 2007
One who wears Speedo's, normally European in origin and normally sporting pubic hair that goes all the way up to the neck.
"Dear God would you look at the pubes on that Greek bastard, he has some rod on em too, trunks that tight should be made illegal......Fuckin Speedophile!"
by E-wingo August 01, 2008
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