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1. One who competes on speech and drama or debate team.
1.The Speechies had to be on the bus stop at 5:00 in the morning to go compete at that Speech tournament.
2. "Original Oratory is my life!!!!" said the Speechie.
by Alyse G. February 15, 2007
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A person who is part of a very small hanful of people who are elite enough to choose to get up at five in the morning in order to be hauled to a random school so that they may subject themselves to speaking publicly and competitively. They also tend to be dressed in more formal clothing on ANY given day (not just competitions), and are slightly more educated, versatile, and elite than most other people in their school, but not often respected as much as they should be.
The speechie was often referred to as a nerd, but that never bothered her.
by SCH0NH31T February 22, 2009
A teen who is overly active in talking to walls, talks to loud, has been known to be socially awkward, and is in a speech club.
Dude!! that person over is so weird and socially awkward. They must be a speechie.
by Aggie Zos-ehh February 16, 2011
A person involved in the activity of forensics, but usually is more involved in the speech aspect of speech and debate.
Only speechies will understand the feeling of willingly waking up at five in the morning to spend an entire Saturday giving speeches
by Thepoetbrainiac June 28, 2015

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