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spee –v: to digitally stimulate an orifice in the manner in which one might use a dial telephone, i.e. in a broad circular stroke.
Spee my asshole.
by Hal Jackson September 28, 2010
A mixture of semen and pee, usually appearing post-coitus or post-somnabulatory. A string of spee is called a spee tendril.
I wanted to piss but a spee tendril caused me to shoot wide of the mark.
by Stelf March 10, 2005
The nick name for Spencer Chamberlain, screamer for the band Underoath and formerly of This Runs Through. He is by far the cleanest and most versatile screamer on the scene.

Spee a name his friends and bandmates are known to address him by. However, rabid fangirls and other obsessive Spencer Chamberlain fans will often refer to him as Spee.
Fangirl: -swoons- Oh my god. I just went to a show and Spee was amazing. I totally got spit on. It was great.

Fangirl 2: LUCKY!

by Lindsey_x November 12, 2007
Slang for frisbee. Also spelled sbee.
Wanna go down to the park to throw some spee?
by tommywheeze May 24, 2005

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