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13 definitions by Malazoth

A derogatory term for any player in the MMORPG "World of Warcraft" who plays a hunter as their main character and so has developed bad habits and inferior skills for working in groups. Huntards often fail to watch their threat and use their "feign death" ability at the wrong moment, causing party wipes.
Everything was going well until the stupid huntard pulled aggro off of one of the elites, brought it back towards the casters, feigned death, then failed to get his mob off the priest. Last time I ever group with that d-bag again!
by Malazoth October 20, 2007
1. A creature with the head and feathers of an owl, antlers like a deer, and the body of a bear which is capable of walking upright and is classified as a humanoid in the MMORPG, "World of Warcraft."

2. Any druid in "World of Warcraft" that is capable of transforming into a Moonkin for the purpose of casting offensive spells. In raids such druids are often grouped with mages, priests, and warlocks to give them an additional 5% spell critical strike rating.
We had a priest healing with a mage and a moonkin competing for most damage done.
by Malazoth October 20, 2007
A boomkin is a balance druid in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. The term comes from the talent whereing such druids are allowed to assume the form of a moonkin for the purpose of casting offensive spells.

A boomkin receives great spell crit and bonus damage and generates an aura which benefits all casters in the party. The term comes from oomkin, a once derogatory term used to reflect the fact that balance druids often went oom or "Out of Mana." This problem has since been resolved.
I wish we had a boomkin in this raid; my mage is gemmed for spell hit and I could use the crit aura.
by Malazoth June 24, 2009
A technique used by druids in World of Warcraft whereby the offensive spell moonfire is repeatedly applied to a single target. The method is considered useful in PvP situation but is wasteful of mana and often denotes poor playing skill. Sometimes considered valid as a finishing move on a target with low health.
I was at 75% health and some boomkin tried to moonfire spam me down. What a noob.
by Malazoth December 16, 2008
See moonkin.
Laser turkey is for pew pew not QQ.
by Malazoth December 22, 2008
1. A term used by players of the MMORPG to describe the current class favored by the Blizzard development team (most notably Eyonix) which receives unprecedented consideration and favored treatment.

2. In any MMORPG a character class which relies heavily on a tamed pet, bound demon, or some other minion.
1. "Dude, patch 3.2 is out and it seems that the pet class is still the paladin."

"That's Eyonix for you. What a douche."

2. "I can't decide if I want to be a healer or a pet class."

"You can be be both - be a paladin."

"No, I meant like a hunter or a warlock or someone who can crank out serious damage."

"Um... yeah.... Be a paladin."
by Malazoth August 04, 2009
noun - A Republican or other conservative who takes a smug, holier-than-thou attitude towards people who don't believe that the earth is flat, Jesus only loves rich white people, or otherwise disagrees with their idiotic view point.

Resmuglicans are also adept at recycling valid arguments used by Democrats but in such a way that these arguments are invalid. When faced with simple facts and the truth they are dismissive.
Cathy: "We should impeach Obama now for the unnecessary war in Afghanistan!"

Kieth: "No, Cathy, the war in Afghanistan is essential. You're just saying that because Bush needed to be impeached for the war in Iraq which was predicated on the lie of WMDs. You're such a god damned Resmuglican sometimes."

Cathy: "Whatever. You don't know what you're talking about."

Kieth: "Look! It's a well spoken black man advocating free college education, health care, and civil rights?"

Cathy (grabbing her gun with a look of panic on her stupid face): "WHERE?!?!?!"
by Malazoth August 18, 2009