Nissan Sentra SER Spec V also known as a Nissan Sentra Special Edition Type Race Specification Victory, or for you mad tite JDM folks:
Nissan Sentra Special Edition Type Race Specification GOOOOOOO!!!

btw:(V=5=GO(5 in japanese).
hey did you see that spec v?? yeah mad tite jDm yo!
by Sinsation September 28, 2007
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1)Son of Skyline
2)Fastest pocket rocket money can buy
3)Honda Killer
by MiSo October 02, 2003
02-current model of the Nissan Sentra. Sporting various upgrades to mainly include exhaust, ecu, rims and tires, a 6 speed transaxle, helical limited slip differential, and engine to produce and highest stock HP Sentra available.
XE Sedan 4D
GXE Sedan 4D
Limited Sedan 4D
SE-R Sedan 4D
SE-R Spec V Sed 4D
by Kei_Calibur September 28, 2007
Uber Sexy Nissan, if you own an '02 or '03. (joking, all you 2004 owners)

Little, but growing aftermarket...sweet handling...6 speed.
0h m4h G4WD!!! 't1z 4 5p3( \/!!11!1oneoneone!1!
by Douche September 24, 2004
(2002-2003) A small akward car fashioned after the Nissan Frontier Pick-up truck and a potato.

(2004-2006) A small akward car that gives the slight impression of grandmas grocery getter if it was on speed

(2007+) A small awkard car that is trying to hide its specv roots by dressing up like a Toyota Prius.
Spec V = Vrrrroom Bwwahhhhhhhh Vroooommmmm Bwwahhhhh
by Mike Oxbegg September 28, 2007
2nd only to the Auto SE-R
That Spec-V has nothing on my car. So many mods.
by You know who September 24, 2004
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