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Spazmonkey: an insult, to point out the fact that the person is 'retarded', a 'fool'.
Don't look at me like that, you fuckin' spazmonkey!
by Spazzy McFuck June 18, 2004
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Someone who pretends to be anti-chav when in fact they are actually lovers of all things chav i.e. burberry, trakies, gypped-up cars, white lightning cider, terrorising elderly and vunerable people.
A fake, phoney, fraud, hypocrite, anyone who belongs to the spazmonkey forum.
Tuck your trakies in your socks and let's join spazmonkey.
#you #fat #bastard #chavscum #tosser
by Yobkillah October 11, 2006
a friend of yours who is either high or retarted. also can be stupid or gay.
Stop calling me at friggin 1 a.m., you fuckin spaz monkey!
#retard #idiot #asshole #fucker #tity-twister
by ianill March 26, 2007
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