a attack when you get consernd about everything
that just happend. when you get very anoyed
don't have a spaz attack man
by spazy May 03, 2006
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To get overly excited about something.

Common at least since the mid 1950s.
Come on, Louie, don't have a spaz attack!
by Bumkicker Slade May 11, 2005
getting overly worried or hyper about something
"You better control her, just in case she has a spaz attack or something."
by Triggure August 02, 2006
A fit of spazzing out.
Don't have a spaz attack!
by Spazman January 25, 2005
a sudden freaking over an event or situation that 99.9% of normal people would consider to be uneventful.

During the spaz attack, the victim becomes agitated, hyper or out of control in some manner.

Symptoms of a spaz attack include: shouting, shortness of common sense and difficulty performing normal daily activities.

Other symptoms of an asthma attack include:
Severe retardedness when breathing both in and out
Difficulty being reasonable
Very rapid breathing
Pacing back and forth
Lecturing that won't stop
Mom's having a spaz attack cuz I missed curfew by 10 minutes.

You should have seen how mom wrapped Dad's Christmas present while she was having a spaz attack.
by Bobbdude August 10, 2010
a moment when someone who is not a spaz acts like a spaz
adams just had a spaz attack he couldnt answer 1+1
by soph star January 03, 2008
A gesture where you fling yourself wildly, shaking from head to foot. Can come on randomly or be planned. A spaz attack is the greatest of all comebacks. Very fun in a chemistry lesson.
Chemistry Teacher: I hate my life!!! *Spaz attack*
Me: Makes sence.
by lol@aids December 10, 2006

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