home, domicile, place; apparently urban black slang first heard today.
He moved out of his spat and into his new girlfriend's spat.
by arkiebubba October 15, 2007
when you've dumped your muck up some bint's ass and she farts it out

a mixture of shit and cum
i just pulled out of Gertrude and she spat all over me!
by Zeta +Shaun January 14, 2008
Replacement for the word spaz, meaning someone that is acting mentally challenged.
Girl: Oh dear. ... look at Jonny, hes acting like a complete spat!
by Petch Spreckley November 11, 2007
Noun: The wet spatter (hence the name) which flies into the bowl of the toilet during a furious diarhea-type shit. Also, the residual wet the clings to one's leg and drawers when one sharts (shits one's pants).
"Holy fuck that Indian food was great. Only problem is my stomach back there. i think i got a little spat on the chief (dick)."
by A Dub November 09, 2006
Loose term for good ol' natural vag lube. Also reffered to as pussy grease or snail track.
She came and got spat all over my face.
by Corey May 20, 2004
putting your socks over your shoes
he spat his shoes before he went to play at the zoo
by arnolditis December 21, 2005
A slang term for fast speed
"There was a lot of spat on that ball."
by Ricky Harris October 05, 2003
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