a retarded or disabled person. probably born on the fourth of july.
what a spastic!
by KATTAY! May 24, 2003
also known as spazz or spaz, means to act like you have ADD (Attention Deficite Disorder) . Usually bouncing off the walls.
wtf you douchebag?! you're such a spazz!
by DarkFoxFurre May 10, 2003
A complete retard who does not know what they are doing and make weird noises like "Mur Mur ehhrreehr"

Convo between Bob and a Spastic:

Bob: Hi you spaz.

Spastic: MurHurDurHurDurHur!!

Bob: O...Kay i'll just agree with you.

Spastic: Meuurheerr, can i hug youu?
A spastic joke:

What do you call a spastic in a wheelchair?
Anything you want, they"ll just smile and try to hug you.
by J E B U S October 21, 2009
some crippled chavy!!!
some lazy fat git, who cant walk!!!
by Oº°‘¨Åm¥¨‘°ºO March 07, 2005
1. A person with cerebral palsy
2. A sexy, suave, witty Australian man
Do not corrupt the word "spastic", you American and British scumbags
by Super_Spastic October 06, 2003

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