A mighty kick during which the kicker stands on one leg, while bending the other leg up against the body before thrusting it forward with conviction. Often used to kick unfriendly black people into pits as seen in the movie 300.
Tequila does not agree with Carbs, so he Spartan Kicked a big dent into that crappy PT cruiser.
by Zacheryy March 22, 2007
A fuckin' badass kick that knocks an opponent away from you, hopefully into an endless pit of death. The kick itself is a one legged - straight on kick to the chest of an opponent, and it HAS to be done in slow motion. Definitely.
Alaric couldn't perform a Spartan Kick in slow motion on the Russian, so Aleyx did it for him.
by Daniel;;Patrick August 02, 2007
A "Spartan Kick" is a kick in which the Kicker raises his knee to his chest and then extends his leg full until his foot impacts the Kickee's chest.
King Leonidas "Spartan Kicking" the Persian messenger after yelling "This is SPARTA" in the feature length movie "300"
by onisoldier March 24, 2007
Adj.) A kick of tremendous power to the region of the chest.(preferably over a bottomless pit)
Holy Crap! did you see Jimmy get Spartan kicked just then? It was intense!

Jimmy, I'm going to Spartan kick you if you don't stop
by jimmy joe jim bob December 06, 2007
The act of high kicking someone square in the chest while. Kicking them into a pit of doom is optional but recommended.

Origin: In the movie 300,When King Leonidis kicked the messanger from persia into a long pit of doom. The Kick being used would be the Spartan Kick.
Bob: Did you just see that?
Jack: Ya, Tim just Spartan Kicked that guy and he fell flat on his ass.
by Stopyellingatme July 10, 2008
When having sex poolside. The man ejaculates on the womans face after which he stand and delivers a hellacious one footed kick to the woman chest sending her flying into the pool. While screaming "This is SPARTA!".
Me and the old lady were banging out by the pool after I blew in her hair I spartan kicked her into the water to rinse off.
by this_guy703 September 22, 2010

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