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A mighty kick during which the kicker stands on one leg, while bending the other leg up against the body before thrusting it forward with conviction. Often used to kick unfriendly black people into pits as seen in the movie 300.
Tequila does not agree with Carbs, so he Spartan Kicked a big dent into that crappy PT cruiser.
by Zacheryy March 22, 2007
Monday. Also any day of the week that a black person opts not to go to work/school.
Chuck:"Where's Jamal, I haven't seen him around the office."
Dave:"Understandable, it's niggar sunday."
by Zacheryy January 16, 2007
Alabaman for math. Also the reason Alabamans should stay out of politics and in their garages fixing their '76 trans ams that they all have up on blocks.
Alabmans go to school to learn the best tools to beat their women with, not rithmatic. Fuck you Alabama.
by Zacheryy December 12, 2006
A person from Alabama. Also, anything that is backwards and uneducated, like the state of Alabama itself. Alabamans suck primarily because they lack education in the three Rs: readn' riten' and rithmatic. Coincidentally, Alabamans decided that riten and rithmatic were to be spelled without the letter "W."
Cletus rarely wears shirts without grease stains and his own hillbilly name on it. He also practices domestic abuse. He must be a an Alabaman.
by Zacheryy December 12, 2006
How you get your significant other to shut the hell up when you can't please them sexually.
Considering all the domestic abuse in the south, Alabamans must have small wieners
by Zacheryy December 01, 2006

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