1. The pubic area of a virgin or young girl. 2. The peach fuzzy mound on girls.
That's a cute little sparrow you got there!
by Hammerstrike June 04, 2005
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a songbird of the family Passeridae or of the family Emberizidae
There are so many sparrow species.
by Korora December 03, 2003
Horror movie released in 2010 starring Thomas James Longley, Faye Sewell, Alexis Jayne Defoe, Eric Kolelas, Sarah Linda and Jack W. Carter. The film was directed by Shaun Troke and was filmed on location in Poland. It premiered in London in 2010.
Sparrow was seen at many international film festivals, receiving acclaim from notable critics.
by urbanhappy August 05, 2010
a girl who seems tough, angry and mean, but after you get to know her you realize she is the exact opposite. Often young-looking.
Yeah she seems coarse, but that's just because she doesn't know you. She's really just a sparrow.
by chattertonbeats April 03, 2015
A chunk or chunks of turd left behind in a toilet bowl. Either gripping to the sides or upper bowl area.
I hung a fat sparrow in the outhouse to assert my dominance over the cook who lives downstairs.
by sickmidget October 13, 2015

Catullus often refers to to a "passer" (translated to "sparrow") in his poems... The Greeks often used the names of birds to refer to a man's penis.
"Passer, deliciae meae puellae, quicum ludere, quem in sinu tenere"

"Sparrow, my lady's pet, with whom she often plays whilst she holds you in her lap" - Catullus Poem 2
by Catullus's Passer December 13, 2011
The act of getting a dry handy by a random female while in the middle of a crowded movie theatre. One must yell out "SPARROW" at completion to let all the other bros in the movie know what happened.
Dude, I am chafing bad this morning from that Sparrow I got last night during Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family.
by the walrus 7373 May 20, 2011
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