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can be used to denote something that is awesome.
"i was playing that old mario game, and bro i forgot how spargo it was."

"dude, i made out with tracy yesterday"
#awesome #cool #epic #sweet #boss
by BrandonMadeMeWet May 19, 2008
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a sexual move which infolves shitting into eachothers assholes. when doing a spargo always remember to lube up really good in case your sexual partner unexpctedly performs the second move of the spargo that involves shoving a shovel up your partners ass. a spargo is frowned upon in most society.
spargo that guys ass looks sore!! he must have had a spargo!

Do i smell shit? no its just that guy e must have had a spargo!!

Where did my shovel go? that guy used it for a spargo!!
#shovel #ass #spargo #shit #but
by spargo=sick April 03, 2009
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