habitually and intentionally leaving typos intact in a message transmitted by electronic means, such as in a mobile phone's text message, or e-mail. Often aided by predictive text technologies such as T9. Being spanty is often done to bewilder the unsuspecting, or for personal amusement.
Molly: I'm going to moth the movie and the library today.

Molly: Of course, by "moth," I meant to type "both," but I left it in there because "moth" is awesome.

Jeff: You're so spanty.

Molly: Yeah, I'm book like that.
by Jeff83 February 11, 2009
A male who wears tight jeans and his underwear lines show like when women wear spandex.
Leo is extra spantys today.
by gabz April 16, 2004
Spant·ies span-teez

noun ( used with a plural verb )

underpants or undershorts for stanky buh donk a donks(buh donk a donk refers to a rather large buttocks).
1) Dammm woman you need some spanties to cover bubble butt.
2) When Sugar pulled on her spanties there were ripples for days.
3) Jarrett got a huge ass, that boy needs some spanties.
by Tight buttocks, small butt September 15, 2013
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