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A type of laughter expressed over the internet, especially in mid-to-late-90's chat programs such as TalkExcite! and Virtual Places. Primarily used by cool hipster kids who are bucking normal online laughter traditions like "lol" and "hehe." Also designed to bewilder the unsuspecting.
Jeff: Remember that time Greg went berserk and destroyed our webpage? That was crazy!

Paul: It sure was! ehe
by Jeff83 February 09, 2008
habitually and intentionally leaving typos intact in a message transmitted by electronic means, such as in a mobile phone's text message, or e-mail. Often aided by predictive text technologies such as T9. Being spanty is often done to bewilder the unsuspecting, or for personal amusement.
Molly: I'm going to moth the movie and the library today.

Molly: Of course, by "moth," I meant to type "both," but I left it in there because "moth" is awesome.

Jeff: You're so spanty.

Molly: Yeah, I'm book like that.
by Jeff83 February 11, 2009
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