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1- A Latino, typically (but not exclusively) of the Puerto Rican or Mexican persuasion, who greases his hair and tries very hard to be a gigolo. He will often take an oversized bottle of cologne and spray it at a fan on the highest setting, then stand before the cloud of overpowering fragrance. Other things he will do include unbuttoning his shirt halfway down so he has easy fondle-access to his chest hair, chew on toothpicks, speak in an exaggerated Spanish accent, and stuff his underwear with a rolled-up tube sock. He doesn't believe in being clean-shaven, nor will he be a nice or reliable companion to any women. Paradoxically, women like him anyway because they are stupid.

2- A generic Latin singer who straddles the line between Straight and Gay

3- Someone who likes to wankerbate on a regular basis
"If it wasn't for spankito suave over there, cologne manufacturers would go bankrupt."

"Ricky Martin is a spankito suave."

"Ese spankito suave le gusta JUGAR CON EL PNRZ."
by Batrastard July 05, 2003
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