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Past participle of spank which means
to attack someone's ass while their pants are down and they can't defend themselves. Often for the amusement of others.
When Sally went skinny dipping and got her upper body stuck in the filter, everyone in a 1 mile area spanked her.
by Sally November 02, 2002
To be beaten decisively in a contest, especialy a sporting event.
Man, our team got spanked!
by Borble August 20, 2003
To be fucked out of your mind. Above being shit faced.

Word Created by Joe Laing.
broooo im so spanked after that 2'6 !
by Tshawn January 26, 2011
A term used if you've done too much ketamine! Which usually results in a massive k hole
mate, I'm spanked!!!

that line spanked me!
by hazyb May 08, 2010
When your about to make a post about something on a forum,and someone posts it just when you were clicking "submit", You got spanked.
Forum guy 1: Heres a youtube link
Forum guy 2: I found it on youtube!
(edit) Damn, i got spanked by forum guy 1
by Cunning June 04, 2007
Probably British slang. Really drunk, or off yer face. Possible to use when tired. Synonyms include "mashed", "wasted", "caned".
1. Dodgy Dave was really spanked when he came back from that club last Thursday. I wonder how many cheeky fellas he'd necked?

2. I rode my unicycle to the sea and took a swim today. By the time I got back home (it was 30km there and back), picked up some groceries, scrubbed off the sunblock, prepared a green salad and steak dinner, and washed it down with a glass of Chianti, I was absolutely spanked.
by DJ delerious June 14, 2009
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