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To masturbate.

Present: spankin' it
Past: spanked it. "Spunked it" works, too.
Harrison: What'd you do today?
Elizabeth: Wrote an exam, went to work. I'mma go home now and spank it.
by SPee[d] December 09, 2007
One who enjoys pain with pleasure during sexual intimacy.
Bend her over ram it in her and slap that ass!! BAM C.I.T.A!!!
by KatDawg November 06, 2003
When da bitch party all night long and then you join in
Hoe you best spank it and let me get up on dat table
by G sizzle December 22, 2015
Just like the word masterbait but short and hidden from people who might overhear and think badly. This will be a cover up and people might think you will be having sex without knowing in your head you are going home to masterbait
I'm gonna go home and spank it to that very sexy girl
by ntwn November 18, 2009
To order through the drive-thru of a restaurant.
Are we eating in? Or do you want to spank it?
by trancis August 12, 2006
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