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Windsurfing term

Verb: To be shoved with sudden great force into the water while on a planing reach. This action happens when the apparent or prevailing wind curves around the leeward side of the sail and inverts it to windward.
Man - I got totally SPANK'D on that last run.
by w5 February 23, 2005

Words related to spank'd

beat tired fucked hungover out of it ripped ruined screwed
of being beat, tired, hungover, rather ripped, or just generally out of it following a troublesome series of events; also describing the state of affairs
Ma, my whole place burned down, my apartment burned down. It was faulty wiring... it is just... spank'd.
by speaks4treez September 10, 2010
beat, used in an expression after a race, and/or competition
that street race was sweet, but you got spank'd
by Mike tha Dyke September 28, 2003