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(n., definition 1) a synonym of peep show, but spank booth used for emphasis of the disgusting conditions. For example, a heavily used adult arcade booth characterized by jizz, skeet, spooze, horse glue, baby gravy on the floor, walls, screen and perhaps seat. "Spank booth" emphasizes that patrons are not there to preview, view before buying, or to catch a "peep." They are there to blow their wads in as little time as possible and run back to whatever they were doing.

(n., definition 2) a variant of the private adult movie viewing booths in some areas of the United States (e.g., New York, Las Vegas) in which female dancers provide a spreading of their genitalia, use of toys in various orifices all in a simulated sex show. Often these booths include a phone to engage in conversation and/or heavy panting. Their encouragement to "make yourself comfortable" often results in the common qualities of a spank booth.
(1.) I prefer to rent my porn, I can't stand sitting in someone else's jizz and sticking to the floor in a filthy spank booth.

(2.) The girls in the spank booths at Showgirl are mostly scallywags, but they shove dildos in their asses and lick them clean.
by The Pillager October 28, 2005
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