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A girl or woman, usually from London or its suburbs. She will not be seen out after 7pm unless wearing some visibility enhancing garment usually featuring some shiny bits. . . or spangles. She will have a very particular pronunciation of certain words, e.g. "cigarette" will be pronounced, "suggarut". If she has a significantly lower than average IQ, she may be known as a "Spanglette nmmm nmmm".
Hey - have you met James Whites missis. What a complete spanglette nmmmmmmmmmmm!
by the kokopelli October 13, 2009
A one-piece thong swimsuit for men which has a defining characteristic of going from the crotch area over both shoulders and back down to a "v" through both buttocks. Made popular by Borat. Popular colors: hot pink; lime green.
No way! Did you see that hairy Euro dude wearing a spanglette? I just threw up in my mouth.
by Walker L. October 01, 2007
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