synonym for spare change
by Jeremiah Owens August 02, 2003
Top Definition
To collect spare change, either from couches, passerbys on the street or any numerous other ways and means
Jimmy doesn't have enough money for the show, he will have to spange.
by Mattricio January 02, 2003
a contraction of "spare change"

"I am going to spange on the corner for a beer"
#bum #beg #mooch #busk #homeless
by Cybelle November 27, 2006
Spare Changing formerly known as Panhandling. It is a common practice amidst North American Homeless. Usually accomplished by "flyin' a sign" another common tactic beyond directly requesting financial assistance.
"Dude I'm Broke, n Hungry, let's spange up some dinner."
#panhandling #flying a sign #spare changing #bagging #spare a dime
by MichaelDC December 26, 2007
Spare Change (as in panhandeling)
"spange, spange, I need a beer."
#panhandle #beg #bum #borrow #need
by TheBigGuy May 21, 2006
German word for "clasp" or "brace". It is often pronounced like it rhymes with "range" but is in fact pronounced like "shponga". Many English speakers search this word on youtube, expecting to find content relating to the popular misspelling of Sponge (i.e. Spongebob Squarepants) and are confused to find videos of weird fingernail things.
"lol search 'spange' on youtube"
"Okay, why am I looking at gross fingernails?"
"Oh, that's weird. Maybe try 'Spange-bob'"
#sponge #clasp #clamp #brace #spongebob
by Max Stanhope February 17, 2015
The abbreviation of spare change set down by our forefather's
Hey you goddamn New fad gimme some spange or ill use your nose ring to staple your dick to your forehead
by craptastico October 27, 2004
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