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Originated from 'spamper' (or the female equivilant 'spampette') a spampfan is someone who likes to join in the spamping on forums but isnt really commited enough to be described as a fully fledged spamper.

Without the spampfans, no spamper or spampette could possibly be complete.

Example of spampfan are "Burntout", "Beanz"
Borderline spampfan/spampers are "Mr_Meeker"

A spampfan can be easily promoted to fully fledged spamper by merely posting a lot of spam 8 days a week.
"the spamp king and newly appointed queen, bleecher and switch will be back tonight so never fear spampfans, the spamping shall continue into the night..."
by monger May 23, 2004
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