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originated from the words "spam" (latin word meaning "not pertinent to the subject under consideration") and "camper" (greek for "person who stands still for more than 3 seconds"), spamper combines the two to describe a person who spends their life refreshing forums to add responses straight away to boost their post count.

Spamper was originally used to describe monger, bleecher and switch on the forum.

Credit for first recorded use of the word is given to one 'colio'
Bleecher, your such a spamper
by Marc Monger April 30, 2004
2 Words related to spamper
Spam camper
Camping the forums and posting nought but spam, in the effort to get ur number of posts up.

AKA: monger@gameon forums
by dayspring_uk April 30, 2004
To treat someone very well to spoil and to pamper at the same time
Since tomorrow is your birthday I am going to spamper you
by Njctaurus March 11, 2016

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