In FPS Games: One who attacks aimlessly; without skill or technique; especially while using weapons that do damage over a large area (grenades, rocket launchers, pipe bombs, etc).
lucky noob spammer...
by b0b October 23, 2003
A person who goes hard in the spam. They don't go HAM, they go SPAM. These bitches can't be trusted.
Main Spammer: Chadwick Chebultz
by MaggBugg December 18, 2011
A group of around 200 people, mostly Americans who are responsible for a nuisance that costs businesses vast sums of money - according to the Washington Post last year (2004) it costs large US companies almost $2000 per employee per year. If that much money was invseted in hospitals or the third world instead of being spent searching for the few wanted e-mails amongst the junk it could save millions of lives.
Okay, heres some figures:
Using last years figures, each day, in the UK spam costs at least 16.5 million pounds. That means that the cost of spam in in less than a week exceeds the ammount pledged by the UK government to provide aid to the tsunami disaster victims.

If there was no spam think how many lives could be saved.
by yaoigirlproxy January 25, 2005
A swimsuit that is not quite a speedo and not quite a jammer.
Why are your jammer so short? They are spammers.
by jdandan June 26, 2009
1. A moron who sends out E-mails, filling up your inbox so you can't find any real E-mail.

2. One who seems to think that a 7-year-old girl needs to be informed she can enlarge her penis in just 6 weeks.
"What's the rope and rifle for?"

"Ima' going spammer hunting!"
by airwalker September 14, 2003
A spammer is one that do less money than your dog! try to get all for free on the web!
by GameFace March 07, 2003
a spammer is someone who likes doot
but since everyone loves doot
it's hard to identify a spammer, therefor we spot a spammer, by the nasty emails coming from him (or her), usualy it goes by * !
so in the name of doot, may we have a world peace!
ehh doot!!!!!!
by doot March 07, 2003
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