An intelligent, witty, and emotional invididual that usually lacks friends but makes it up with money. They do not mean to anger people with all of their emails, they merely want to inform and educate people about the products they sell.
Jimmy, did you sign-up to all the sites that were in the email the spammer sent you?
by nofx March 18, 2003
Quite possibly one of the lowest forms of life around. Fills the email boxes of people with offers for increasing the size of male genitila, mortgage refinacing, credit, links to pages displaying every kind of sexual act known to humans, and among other things, pills.
I know someone who was in the hospital for a week last year, when he got home there was over 2000 spam messages in his inbox.
by jesster79 March 12, 2004
The lowest form of life! Spammers must die! If you know one, use one of the below methods to end it's life!
Spammers should be burried up to their necks in the ground than run over with lawn mowers!

Spammers should be tied to poles then cut from sternum to pubic bone and allowed for their entrails to fall out. At this point the entrails should be doused with a flamable liquid and ignited before the dying eyes of the spammer!

Spammers are the stupidest pieces of shit allive and all should die a most horrible and painful death!

Do your part and kill a spammer today!
by Die Spammer! October 09, 2003
A person or organization whose sole purpose is to clog up your email account with junk mail, crappy porn links, credit card offers, and "Increase Your Penis Size By 4 Inches" adverts.
If the hackers really want something challenging to do, they should go after the spammers instead. After all, even hackers would be pissed off with having to delete 40+ spam messages from their inbox daily.
by AYB November 06, 2003
An extremely irksome person who fills up any given website with inane opinions and source-lacking "facts." The kind of person who gets bored and decides to spend the evening writing entries for Urban Dictionary that look something like this;

"amy -- omg the most beautiful girl in the world!!!shes so pretty,heehee,shes me!!!"

Very rarely uses punctuation or has any understanding of the English language. Often uses spam as a way to promote another site, online community, porn source, or musical group. Sometimes, spammers have such sad lives that they use spam in an attempt to get a date;

"hey,if u want 2 get 2gether & have fun, call me @ 555-7684"

Spammers are common at any popular site, including, but not limited to, Youtube, Imeem,, Facebook, and Urban Dictionary.
"I tried to set up a fan community for early Hitchcock films, but I need to start moderating; the place is a breeding ground for trolls and spammers."
by Zrina April 16, 2009
Term used to describe the group of useless, pointless lives that mainly go on YouTube, create alias accounts, and go around on completely random videos and say "go to camznow dot com for nude girls". Sometimes they will use different fake IP's. Spammers also send bots out to advertise their crappy channel and comment on others' channels pretending to be their friend, resulting in those people going to the spammers channel. Ususlly paid YouTube partners do this, and for every view they get, they get more money.
On a video about slurpees and video games-
spammer: cool video, but it doesn't have any nude girls! go to CAMAZONCAMS dot COM for nude girls.

video maker: Go f*** yourself and die. *deletes comment & blocks user*
by Bob McTed September 15, 2007
Spammers: Someone who doesn't give a shit and keeps on posting urban dictionary meanings based on a general name.



samantha, alex, chris,michael, jack,tommy
by TruthfulLier"_" August 07, 2015
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