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Sagging vaginal lips. See also Beef Curtain.
She sure knows how to play the spam castanets.
by donkey April 15, 2004
12 2
A Percussion instrument, of Spanish origin, comprised of specially prepared assorted meat slices worn between the thumb and four fingers.

They are mainly used in flamenco dancing and emit little to no sound when played.
Hey, I'll play the guitar, Pedro can play some Spam Castanets
by Gene! October 02, 2007
12 1
slang term for vagina
I wouldn't mind banging her spam castanet
by wingedmarsupial March 20, 2011
0 0
London based word describing the labia or 'poon lippage'. Esp. of the dangly variety.
Geez 1: Whats her cootch saying the?
Geez 2: Boy, all good, but what a pair of Spam Castanets!
by Ruthless 1 April 19, 2005
2 5