1.to do or say something completely stupid or retarded, much the same as a spak would

2. to be completely and utterly consumed by rage that you cant find the words to express yourself, and end up standing flailing your arms, and making sounds similar to a wilderbeast
1 'i was trying to chat up this hot guy/girl and i had an almighty spak attack. s/he asked if i i wanted them to find my carer'

2 ' i said i fancied her mate and she had a spak attack'
by lalalaland January 21, 2008
To be in a comprimising situation where the subject is found to be surrounded by people of the retarded persuasion.
Oh shit! It's the 5th spak attack I've seen today.....that spak chick is hot.
by cnuts16 February 16, 2004

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