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A pack of playing cards. Also the individual cards. n. singular = spag. (British slang).
Wanna bust some spags?
by Pecan Pie April 25, 2004
5 6
SPelling And Grammar
Poor SPAG makes you look like a moron in the eyes of the educated.
by spacer_ May 25, 2008
386 283
Acronym: Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar
"His SPAG is atrocious."
by Sumanji February 10, 2009
262 173
Generally meaningless insult with only a passing phonological similarity to "fag". Commonly used by Discordians.
I was waiting in line behind this total spag, he was all like "ehhhh stop twisting my arm!" so I keep twisting until he gave me his lunch money.
by Cramulus January 20, 2009
293 246
a little kid waving his arms around
That spag has had too much sugar.
by Fresh Heir February 24, 2013
15 7
1. spaghetti

2. an Italian person
1. "Eat some spags"

2. "Look at that Spag's good looks!"
by moLOU July 11, 2008
6 3
An above average ass
Guy 1: Did you see that new girl?

Guy 2: Yeah, man, she has spag!

Girl 1: Those pants make your ass look like some fresh spag.

Girl 2: I know, I bought them at the store the other day.
by kerslpoosh February 26, 2013
10 8
an amazing drummer from end of an era!
do you see spags on those drums?

hell yea i do!
by eoaeawyea June 15, 2011
6 5