An Italian slum, plain and simple.
When luigi lost his bank roll at the craps' table, he had to move to the spaghetto.
by DonnieLee November 19, 2006
Top Definition
Ghetto Spaghetti. Spaghetti made with ramen noodles and ketchup. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!
Some here and eat your spaghetto :points to ketchup covered noodle bricks:
by xl neoMAX lx January 07, 2007
A meal consisiting of dollar store brand macaroni and tomato juice. Sometimes with salt and pepper if you can afford them.
Brett, we're not poor anymore. You can stop eating the spaghetto.
by McWork July 23, 2008
A cheap and easy twist on an Italian classic. Make ramen noodles, dump out the liquid and cover the noodles with ketchup.
Joe's girlfriend wanted a fancy Italian dinner, but he only had $5, so she would have to settle for spaghetto.
by UnderscoremyTilde January 01, 2009
The part of an Italian section in a city where there are men in sleeveless undershirts with photos tattooed on them (usually one of their Mom with a tomato plant), and women who yell at the top of their lungs through bright red lipstick while wearing skin tight leopard pants.
Gia-"I'm going to the Italian Market today for some provolone. Should I take the shortcut?"

Guido-"Make sure you don't walk through the Spaghetto to get there. Vito and his boys are looking for new whores."
by joanie19046 January 22, 2013
a single strand of spaghetti.
To test for doneness, my children would often throw a spaghetto at the wall. If it stuck there, the spaghetti was ready.
by Stevebone March 14, 2011
1)There comes a time when you're bored and hungry at home(Probably stoned), and there's no food in the fridge. You've got some possibly expired noodles and a can/jar of some type of sauce in the cupboard, but no meat. What do you prepare for yourself? Some ghetto spaghetti, Spaghetto.

2) Very poorly prepared spaghetti.
Me: Damn..There isn't shit to eat in this house, I'm hungry as fuck!

Friend: I found a box of noodles and a jar of Prego!

Me: Grand! Spaghetto it is!!
by SCARtacular.. September 26, 2009
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