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the act of a persons body being stretched thin when approaching a black hole. pronunciation of the word can also induce a lil laughter when to the parties involved.
The spaghettification of that man is causing me to have sensory overload.
by Sensory Overload January 18, 2010
n. (Lat.) the way in which the Flying Spaghetti Monster assimilates believers into his holiness.
His spaghettification is now complete; he got to close to the black hole, and is now perfectly assimilated into the FSM's spaghetti tentacles.
by PutAInDem...Er...De October 14, 2009
Meaning: Being squeezed as tooth paste is from a tube.
the spaghettification of the human race will occur when a black hole emerges near the earth.
by Black Hole Diver October 20, 2008
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