Spastick faggot (In a humerous way, no offence to homosexuals!)
"You Spaggot!"
by Michael Bishop May 30, 2004
Top Definition
a very special faggot
that chris brown is a spaggot
by orang3 December 09, 2006
A faggot covered in spaghetti.
Hey look at that saucey spaggot.
by Michelle & Kyle September 28, 2005
A combination of "spaz" and "faggot".
My drum major is the biggest spaggot that ever lived.
by Anonymous band member October 02, 2010
A French Canadian Homosexual that is employed at a spaggetti restaurant.
That dude is such a flippin' spaggot!
by Loofa July 28, 2006
a word combining the two words spaz and faggot
that boy is being a spaggot. those people are acting like spaggots
by thelightningtheifismylife55 July 10, 2010
Refers to a member of a family from the Pittsburgh-area. Typically bad at golf, a spaggot can be seen at Pittsburgh sporting events attempting to come up with poor humor for a Pittsburgh sports-based blog.
Hey, did you see that spaggot at the Penguins game? I heard he was sucking Mark Madden's dick in the press box.
by Raul Mondesi November 14, 2006

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