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The master of spooking, capable of hiding behind plants and in dumpsters. Often mistaken as the bosses kid or just some guy with a long ponytail.

His name, Spagett, is also his catchphrase, which he shouts upon emerging from his hiding place
"Spagett! Got Ya! Spooked Ya"
by Spagett January 01, 2008
To be extremely shocked, scared, or surprised by hidden camera shock expert Spagett.
This man with long tail just popped out and said "SPAGETT", it's not scary, just abnormal.
by Armmondo November 27, 2007
Possibly the funniest Tim and Eric skit ever. The brown pants and red turtleneck make him the funniest character ever to spook people. He also sells cigarette juice. Just go to YouTube if you want more info.
Man 1: Hey who's that rapist over there?
Spagett: OMG SPAGETT!!!!
by ruffles64 January 18, 2010
A character from Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job. He spooks people by hiding, then jumping out and yelling his name.
(Spagett hiding in fake tree)
(random person walks by)
Spagett: SPAGETT! Spooked ya.
by spagettman123 October 15, 2012
A slang term for the drug ecstasy.
Person 1: "Spagett"
Person 2: "Yeah I got some E"
by jonothononononon September 10, 2009
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