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OMG theres daisey that spadeface
by Troy the hitman February 03, 2009
7 6
A person whose facial appearance seems to have been sculpted by a shovel.
An insult to the ugly or the facially deformed.
A steriotypical miner or used to describe somebody who has a dirty face, like coal.
Your mom's got a spadeface.
Hey spadeface, when did you last wash?
by SpadeFace November 02, 2004
16 4
A spadeface refers to a person with severe facial disfigurement, usually describing one with a face sculpted like a spade. Often a spadeface also has an extremely evident receding hairline.
"OMG, look, it's Mr. Waldock! What a spadeface!"
by shurikken February 19, 2008
10 2
Flat faced ugly woman. Resembles a form of flat fish. Hangs around with Till Mouth.
Bally banged Spade face at Reighton Sands last year.
by Corned Beef July 16, 2004
16 8
An ugly chick who looks like she has been hit in the face with a spade
by KT August 18, 2003
14 9
a woman known as a ugly part of the female gender also known as an angie casey.
1. see hur shes a pure angie casey (spade face)
by wordgen May 27, 2013
0 0