SPADED stands for Smoke Pot All Day Everyday; It's soul use comes from the Kottonmouth Kings/ Kingspade.
by Nikki Khaos September 22, 2011
Top Definition
Of or having to do with the living of the DGAF lifestyle.
Johnny Richter and D-Loc of the Kottonmouth Kings and Kingspade are definitely two very spaded characters!
by chris from p-town July 14, 2006
Being totally sh*t faced
Being SRH'd the F*ck out. Hence the <> spade.

Or also used as in faded off spice.
Bro you see all that SRH shit he had on, straight up spaded.

Smoked some bowls and killed some brass monkey man we were spaded.

Damn that spice was bomb, got me spaded
by 51505150 June 09, 2010
to be drunk and high at the same time. Pretty much means wasted to a whole new level to the point were you dont know what ur doing

damn nigga i was so fuckin spaded last night it was fuckin awesome!
by shoot_to_kill_records February 23, 2009
when someone uses their four fingers in a spade shape to finger a girl
ah, mate she got spaded last night
by thespader April 27, 2009
When someone has you "beat", or is better than you at something.
Yeah nigga you put it down, but my dip had you spaded.
by doughnigga July 16, 2006
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