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Defecating in a state of diarrhea creating spherical, random-sized pieces of excrement.
1. Keith had an embarrising case of the spackle pops.
2. "You'd better cook that chicken a little longer or you'll be having spackle pops after supper."
3. "Matt!", his mother exclaimed. "We don't eat the spackle pops!"
4. After waiting ten minutes for the bathroom to become available, Brandon thought to himself. "Man. Must be a bad case of the spackle pops."
by Brando November 17, 2004
A kid's sucker (or "blow-pop") that has been inserted into a woman's pussy.
I don't want to suck that spackle-pop, I saw where it just came from!
by Bard April 28, 2003
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