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Funny on a scale that kills 6 million people.
"man that joke caused a lolocaust"
#xd #lol #zomg #peepeepants #lolz
by Brando January 21, 2006
i have a blizzy to smoke
by brando April 11, 2003
A game played by drunk and or intoxicated ppl most ofter young men is which they inact mock martial art combat
Me stumbling drunk" Dude dont make me open a can of Drunken Tiger Hidden Dumbass on u"
by Brando April 11, 2004
Defecating in a state of diarrhea creating spherical, random-sized pieces of excrement.
1. Keith had an embarrising case of the spackle pops.
2. "You'd better cook that chicken a little longer or you'll be having spackle pops after supper."
3. "Matt!", his mother exclaimed. "We don't eat the spackle pops!"
4. After waiting ten minutes for the bathroom to become available, Brandon thought to himself. "Man. Must be a bad case of the spackle pops."
by Brando November 17, 2004
In which the man or woman sticks his or her nose in his or hers asshole and sniffs as hard as they can.
"Dude last time I tried a stinks sam i passed out."
by Brando August 29, 2004
Leftover mineral deposits in edible form, usually used in an unknown or good way. AKA "The good form of dregs"
The sediment-like stuff that is in the bottom of a glass after you have successfully used and abused a glass of Alka-Seltzer.
by Brando June 23, 2004
most often referring to a mouth or just something lood to call somebody
1.)" Bitch shut ur fucking cock hostler before I fuck start ur face"
2.) " Man I hate that Steve dude he is such a cock hostler"
by Brando April 11, 2004
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