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Another word for the sticky mess left after cumming, specifically refering to the semen, especially during a jerk off session.
Brian's spack was glazed all over the pillow once he came.
by marathon September 12, 2006
48 272
To poke someone repeatedly
I love getting spacked by Matt!
by Misty July 10, 2003
6 230
when a reciever in football makes a spactacular catch.
Damn Randy hella spacked that ball.
by Bobeebin July 15, 2008
9 234
Leet irc foreignspeak
You are plz to spack teh eblish mor betr sir, kthx!!!11
by Cyde December 05, 2003
14 239
The loud, cracking noise made when you foon a spork and spork a foon in rapid succession.
I stockpile sporks just to make them spack.
by CT November 30, 2003
11 236
the original definition of this word, brought forth by Mr. North back in 1988.

A non-specific insult used as an inside joke among friends to describe anyone that happens top be in your crosshairs at that moment in time.
Mr. North: "Shut the fuck up, Jerome, you're nothing but a spack."...Jerome: "What's a spack?"...Bystander hip to the joke: Trust me man, you don't wanna know."
by Mr. North March 21, 2009
30 256
The act of having sex with ugly people. To fornicate with repugnant persons. distastful swearing
Chelsea spacked with Chris.
Spack me!!!
So did you hear that Jim Spacked Chelsea?
by Xander June 16, 2004
13 239