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This technique refers to being fellated while sitting on the shoulders of an overweight girl (crotch to face), holding onto her ears and jiggling up and down like an ecstatic simpleton.

Among others, this sexual exercise is also known as Big Momma's Bouncy Castle, Standing On The Shoulder's Of Giants, The Testi Trampoline and Akabusi's High Jump.
"See that big lass over there? We did The Space Hopper last summer in my grandmothers back garden."

"She was so happy I proposed, she let me do The Akabusi High Jump right there in Akbar's curry house!"
by Mini Chedder September 03, 2007
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The art of penetrating ones own rectum with ones own faecal log that has been frozen to a solid state.
An "international spacehopper" is when one person's rectum has been penetrated by another's frozen faecal log.

Note: wrapping a spacehopper in a condom is optional.
Gareth: "Hey Greggson, I saw Lanky giving himself a spacehopper"
Greggson: "Again?!""


Jamie: " Hey Damo, guess what I saw in Gareth's freezer"
Damo: "I don't know. Was it chocolate ice cream?"
Jamie: "No it was a spacehopper, I think he's about to get international with Lanky"
by aryalar December 16, 2013
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A large inflatable egg-shaped rubber ball with two integral handles at the narrow end. A means of transport popular in the 1970's.
I was bouncing around the garden like a spacehopper
by David Stockman April 15, 2003
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Over full testacles, resulting from sexual deprivation
I've got nads like space hoppers (Asquith, 2005)
by Daniel Pearson July 21, 2005
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